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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

With RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) we are really part of your company and corporate culture and it is different from the other forms of recruitment. As a team we build on the success of the organization. And we achieve success by being active 24/7 in the market for you. Because we work with a team, we have focus and the risk of knowledge loss is smaller, because with a team you are less vulnerable. You are also less vulnerable if someone leaves, the result is that all knowledge about recruitment is well preserved. With RPO, costs go down, speed, quality and results go up and all data in the process remains your exclusive property.

Immediate and long-term control of your recruitmentFirst of all, we tackle short-term vacancies and build an employer image with the team for the long term, giving you more control over your recruitment.

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The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO can add great value to any company looking for ways to improve and strengthen their recruiting process. Here are some of the benefits of RPO:


Lower Cost per Hire

One of the goals of RPO is to map and reduce the current Cost per Hire. How do we make the costs transparent and what do the recruitment costs actually yield (ROI) in terms of growth? Many organizations make high investments with minimal ROI. With an RPO partnership, we can help your organization grow sustainably like no other.


Faster Time to Hire

Shortening the Time to Hire is more important than ever in today’s labor market.
With an RPO partnership, we ensure that the Time to Hire per vacancy is mapped out and reduced. This is the result of intensive interaction with each other, focus for the deployed recruitment team and exclusivity on candidates. As a result, your organization will speak to and hire the right professionals faster and more often.


Better Quality of Hire

By continuously sparring with the Hiring Managers, we know exactly what your organization is looking for and what it can offer to professionals. The big advantage of speaking to the right professionals more often and faster is that your organization has a (wider) choice and can therefore be more critical in the hiring process, resulting in better and more sustainable matches.


Insight into Employer Value Proposition, competition and labor market

Insight is important because it helps employers understand what candidates value in an employer and what motivates them. By using these insights, an employer can develop a distinctive EVP. This helps attract talent, retain employees, increase employee engagement and strengthen the Employer Brand.


Exclusivity with candidates

Trust is paramount at Intrameo and we like to show it. As soon as we, in consultation with the Hiring Manager, have clearly identified which professionals best suit the organisations, our sourcing team will look for the right candidate and will do so exclusively for your organisation. The proposed candidates are selected with care and are completely in line with your organization. A reason why they are presented exclusively to your organization and not to other partners.


Dedicated team

From the moment the partnership starts, the Lead-Recruiter will be linked exclusively to the organization and will be an extension of your organization from that moment on. The recruiters and sourcers are selected on the basis of knowledge and related work experience in the industry. They will reserve time in which they will dedicate themselves exclusively to your organisation.


Optimization recruitment marketing & Employer Branding

An important part of recruitment is marketing. We look at the Employer Branding to see how attractive it is to join your organization. Here too, Intrameo will assess and advise how the organization gets the most reach with the best result. Intrameo provides the right strategy for every situation through knowledge and experience.


Flexible scaling up and down RPO team

Intrameo only employs professionals who understand the recruitment profession and who have consciously chosen the profession to match organizations and professionals. We understand that the need for good employees for an organization is not always the same. During the RPO collaboration, it is then possible to expand or scale down the team once the desired results have been achieved.

Why others chose intrameo

  • Take back control of your recruitment.
  • Reducing unnecessarily high recruitment and selection costs.
  • Turn your organization into an irresistible company that people want to work for.
  • Expertise and experience. With an RPO you get a team of specialists for job marketing, employer branding and sourcing.
  • Flexibility and scalability. RPO is scalable and provides structure for the future and is easy to transfer.

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